Maths Day

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

On Tuesday 3rd July the whole school enjoyed a wonderfully mathematical day with a wide variety of challenges, games and puzzles. 
Nursery children made hats with green bottles on and linked this with singing ten green bottles, the children were practising counting down from ten.

Kindergarten children had made their own fantastic maths t.shirts to wear on the day. The children made numicon biscuits, where they had to find ways to make the number six. They constructed 3D shapes using lollipop sticks, completed counting challenges and created their own maths number sentences.
Year One children completed some maths in nature shape challenges.
Year Two enjoyed a variety of mathematical treasure hunts on top field involving problem solving strategies to solve money, time and measures work.  
Year Three had fun with the water outside measuring and estimating the capacity of different containers. They were also measuring the distances they were able to throw and hop.
Year Four enjoyed active maths games on the playground, the children had to solve true or false maths questions in the quickest time and work as a team to solve quick fire questions. The children also enjoyed playing the TV Countdown numbers game.
Year Five were investigating the effect of exercise on their pulse rate, they collected the data and created graphs to show the information. 
Year Six completed some real-life maths, they created and planned their own theme park and calculated the profit and loss for their park. They also completed some computer based maths and problem solving and reasoning questions. 
The Happy Puzzle Company provided fun, interactive puzzle solving sessions for children from Kindergarten to Y​ear Six. The children had to work in teams to create road puzzles, balance penguins on ice bergs, complete 3d shape constructions, complete a double sided jigsaw puzzle and tangram puzzles. The children soon realised that communication amongst their team was vital to success!

We had some fabulous outfits with various mathematical symbols, calculations, a shape fairy and even Albert Einstein making an appearance! 
We all thoroughly enjoyed our Maths Day!

​Mrs Groen Maths Co-ordinator​