Ruckleigh's 126th Debate

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Motion: 'We Should Continue To Use Fossil Fuels'

An interesting topic was discussed today with reference to damage to the environment, the ozone layer, humans and animals.  On the other hand the advantages of using fossil fuels are that, amongst other things, they are relatively cheap to extract, create energy and jobs.

Members of the House asked questions of the Speakers and made sensible comments and suggestions.Voting followed:

For the Motion: 17Against the Motion: 105Abstentions: 13

Thank you to out Speakers who researched the topic well: Isla, Husna; Rucha, Oishani (whose journey to school this morning from Glasgow was just a little further than usual..but she was still on time!! and Akash.Thank you also to the our Secretary to the Debating Society, Abhinav.

B Forster