School Fees

Main School

Scale of Fees per term (Three terms per year) from September 2017.

Main school fees are inclusive of lunches and stationery (All figures quoted are in pound sterling).

Years Cost / Term
Nursery See other column
Forms I and II£2742.00
Forms III and IV£2811.00
Forms V and VI£2893.00

The reduction for each younger member of a family in main school will be £100.00 per term.

School Fee Plan

In association with market-leading school fee finance provider, you can apply online to pay your school fees by monthly instalments*.

It's quick, easy and once approved, we will notify School Fee Plan of your termly fees, including extras.

*Credit is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

More Information

Terms and Conditions

According to the terms and conditions of the School, it is a requirement to give a full term's notice if you are withdrawing a child. Such notice should be in writing to the Head and must be received no later than the first week of term. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a full term's fees being charged in lieu of notice.

It is likewise a requirement that in the event of a parent declining a previously reserved place, written notice should be sent to the Head in the first week of the term prior to the child's intended entry. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a full term's fees being charged in lieu of notice.

All fees are payable in full during the first week of term, unless an arrangement is made, by signed agreement, for payment to be made in installments. Such agreements must be returned to School within the first week of term.

All late payments will incur an interest charge of 1% per month, or part month, on the balance outstanding. This charge will be applied stringently.

There will be no reduction in fees for any reason.


Nursery fees are based on the numbers of days / part days your child attends.

Most combinations are listed on this page, however other combinations will be calculated on request.

Ruckleigh Nursery provides a flexible approach to Nursery provision. Parents are asked to decide before the start of each term which sessions their child will attend. This assists both parents and School in two ways. Firstly, it allows us to ensure appropriate staffing for the term and, secondly, it establishes the ‘free’ sessions for which the School will claim reimbursement from Solihull Council.

DescriptionCost / Term
5 full days including lunch£2722.00
4 full days/lunch + 1 morning  no lunch£2537.00
4 full days with lunch£2202.00
3 days/lunch + 2 mornings no lunch£2322.00
3 days/lunch + 1 morning no lunch£1987.00
3 days/lunch£1652.00
2 days/lunch + 3 mornings no lunch£2108.00
2 days/lunch + 2 mornings no lunch£1773.00
2 days/lunch + 1 morning no lunch£1436.00
2 days/lunch£1101.00
1 day/lunch + 4 mornings no lunch£1890.00
1 day/lunch + 3 mornings no lunch£1555.00
1 day/lunch + 2 mornings no lunch£1220.00
5 mornings + lunches£1873.00
5 mornings no lunch£1673.00
4 mornings + lunches£1499.00
4 mornings no lunch£1339.00
3 mornings + lunches£1124.00
3 mornings no lunch£1004.00

Extra sessions

Will be charged at the rate of £27.00 per session. 

Additional lunches with supervision until 12.45pm will be charged at £11.00 each.