Year 4 KES Maths Challenge

Monday, 22 January 2018

As part of King Edward's School ​O​utreach programme, on Monday 22nd January, Mrs Groen, Mrs Harrison and four talented pupils from ​Year ​4 were invited to participate in an exciting and challenging maths day. The day began with a crossnumber competition which involve​d​ team members working together to solve as many clues of a mathematical crossword as they can. This was followed by a fast and fun relay race where the team split into two pairs and each pair had to solve a mathematical puzzle.

After a well deserved lunch, the children took part in a variety of maths games and activities and were asked to consider the degree of strategy required to win the games. Dr Katie Steckles from 'Think Maths' then gave a fascinating presentation about her favourite shapes​;, we were particularly fascinated by the torus or doughnut shape which Katie demonstrated with smoke rings and the mobius strip which is a one-sided surface with no boundaries.

The day concluded with a prize giving presentation and we were delighted to discover our team ​were placed joint third, so well done to our talented mathematicians​: Sonum, Michael, ​Avnee​sh​ ​and Aryan. Mrs Groen, Maths Co-ordinator.