Year 4 KES Maths Challenge 2019

Wednesday, 23 January 2019
As part of King Edward's School outreach programme, on Wednesday 23rd January, Mrs Groen, Mrs Harrison and four talented pupils from yr4 were invited to participate in an exciting and challenging maths day. The day began with a crossnumber competition which involves team members working together to solve as many clues of a mathematical crossword as they can. This was followed by a fast and fun relay race where the team split into two pairs and each pair had to solve a mathematical puzzle, one member of our team had a sprained ankle so it was lovely to see his team working together and running for him.After a well deserved lunch, the children then took part in a variety of maths games and activities and the children were asked to consider the degree of strategy required to win the games. Zoe Griffiths from 'Think Maths'  then gave a fascinating presentation about magic in maths, or rather, maths that can be used to look like magic. We particularly enjoyed watching a card 'trick' which I'm sure our yr 4 participants will gladly demonstrate and amaze you with!The day concluded with a prize giving presentation and although we didn't receive a place in the top three this year, we were very proud of our mathematicians for their efforts and the fantastic teamwork they demonstrated on the day. Well done to Kamraan Z, Kamraan A, Anika and Deelan.