Year 5 Visit Thinktank

Thursday, 23 November 2017

To support their work on Earth and Space, Year 5 visited Thinktank in Birmingham. Whilst there, the children experienced a Planetarium show and enjoyed a tour of the Solar System immersed in 360-degree digital planetarium visuals. Delivered by a knowledgeable astronomer, the show content included a brief overview of the current night sky, as well as flying into space to investigate Moon phases in detail and a look at the planets, constellations and shooting stars. We visited the Thinktank science lab and discovered a world of ever changing materials and substances. This session had demonstrations and exciting hands-on experiments working with solids, liquids and gases. The children explored how substances change from one state to another and back again. There was also the chance to show off their scientific skills by accurately measuring the ingredients needed to make their very own slime!

​Mrs Brown