Midlands Air Ambulance​

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Today we were visited by Air Ambulance Worker​s​ and proudly handed over a cheque for £750. The ​day started with an Assembly where Mrs Slatter spoke about the Air Ambulance Service. The ​children listened with great interest and asked sensible questions at the end.

We found out that the aircraft each carry a crew comprising of a pilot, two paramedics or flight doctors plus full-life support medical equipment. ​ ​If an air ambulance can reach the hospital within the Golden Hour (60 minutes after injury) chances of survival are dramatically increased. That is why the rapid response of the Midlands Air Ambulance is so vital in an emergency situation.

What is not widely known is that Midlands Air Ambulance receives no Government or National Lottery funding. Each Midlands Air Ambulance mission costs £2500 and in excess of £9 million is needed each year to keep its three air ambulances operational.

We ​all enjoyed​ opportunity to explore ​the air ambulance pod outside on our playground. There ​were many more facts to learn ​and the children ​took the opportunity to ask the crew whilst climbing in and out of the pod.

A very exciting day...thank you for your support and generosity.