Year 1 Trip to The Parkridge Centre

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Year 1 had a very exciting trip to Brueton Parks Parkridge Centre. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day with varied cloud formation to identify. The children had the opportunity to use professional equipment to measure the amount of sunshine, wind force and humidity. We learnt how to use a compass correctly and went on a walk following instructions. The children had to use the compass in order to walk around the park. At crossroads, we had to find either North, South, East or West in order to find the teddy bears picnic area.

We took out teddy bears and listened to a story in the woods around the campfire. Can you think of any stories involving bears? The children also built shelters using the natural resources around us for their bear dens. We hunted for different foods in order to make a porridge to feed the hungry bears. After the bears were fed, it was time for our own lunch in the sunshine.

We had a wonderful day and would like to thank all the parents who helped us on the day.